Revell 1/48 Lippisch in Japanese markings

Started by Allan, May 15, 2003, 05:25:36 AM

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Canberra? Australia?! You might just be our first Aussie poster or regular!
Welcome on board, can't wait to see the pics.

Nick  :G


Don't you mean the \"Rippisch\"?
There's a guy over here who's done a Japanese one with u/c PLUS a radial engine.prop, etc.,....truly inspired.
As the Lippisch was fueled by coal-dust(????) in flight refueling via a National Coal Board Avro York? That's the RAF version of course. Via a long conveyor belt?
I wonder about the aerodynamics, though?
By the way, welcome!!!
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Just to add some more info re my Japanese Lippisch.
the undercarriage legs and wheels will be taken from a 1/48 scale Fw-190A and for the front wheel I will use the wheel from the dolly that came from the kit. I will extend its length with a piece of thick pasta, drill a hole in the underside of the plane, poke the length of pasta through the hole and fix it in postion with superglue. Yes, the front wheel will not be retractable.
For underwing stores, I have chosen a bomb and rockets from the 1/48 scale Fujimi 109G/K, one missile from a 1/72 scale Mig 19 (which I have positioned under the Lippisch nose), two fuel tanks taken from the Hasegawa 190A (1/72) scale and painted flat red and, projecting into infinity from the wings' leading edges, will protrude two of those loooooong 30mm cannon barrels from a 1/48 scale 190. Inside the cockpit I will position a small samurai sword. I have written a short piece re this model for our modelling club and I'll tell you when it reaches print. If you want to read one of my kit reviews, please visit the website of the ACT Scale Modellers' Society and hunt down my Raiden model.
Happy weekend to all.


Hi all,
The rear undercarriage went on pretty well last night, so I'm in the home stretch! I'll attach the undercarriage doors after I have figured out whether I need some small weights inside the fuselage to prevent it turning into a tail-sitter.
We have our hobby club annual comp this weekend (can't wait to see what the dealers have to offer), but my Lippisch clearly won't be ready for that. Maybe I'll have it all wrapped up and ready for 'net posting in about 3 weeks.
Any suggestions for over-the-top additions gratefully accepted for consideration.
Getting a little chilly in Canberra nowadays.


I'm Allan in Canberra and I'm slowly finishing the Revell 1/48 scale Lippisch in Japanese markings and with undercarriage. No photos yet, but I'll get some when it's finished. I've used red and white decal to put a huge rising sun on one side of the fin and have painted a stylized sword guard on the other. Looks good so far!


Sounds awsome Allan, looking forward to seeing the pic matey.

Hail and welcome to the grandest bunch of nutters in the modelling world digger
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Just post those pictures, Allan, nice and easy and no one gets hurt...

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Welcome aboard Allen.  Went to Canberra once, driving back from the Snowy Mountains.  Bizarre place.  I was warned about navigating round the city being impossible, but I had to experience it for myslelf.  I got bored driving round in circles for an hour and went back home to Sydney :)  Can't wait to see that Lippisch!

Nick, I think Peter Hobbins is an aussie too.
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It's finished and hopefully in a month I will send some snaps and a kit review to this website.
Thanks for the encouragement from all.


Hi fellows from Canberra, Australia
The Lippisch is finished and the photos are on disc.
I'll try to send the photos and article in a few minutes.
Hope everything gets through.
Best regards,


Message from Allan,
Can't contact the website, so will try again later.


How can I send scanned photos of my Lippisch and the article I wrote to this website for inclusion?


Allan, I've sent you a PM with Supertoms email address to send an article too.

If you want to post your piccies here then in this forum (the picture post one) when you click on "add reply" there should be a file attatchments bit below where you type your text.  Click on browse and locate the file on your PC.  Then just hit add reply and we should all be able to see your long awaited Lippisch!  :)  
Between almost-true and completely-crazy, there is a rainbow of nice shades - Tophe

Sales of Airfix kits plummeted in the 1980s, and GCSEs had to be made easier as a result - James May


Hi Allan,

Welcome to What-If!  Sorry I haven't gotten to the welcome wagon earlier, I've been running back and forth a lot lately.  Anyway my e-mail address is tomandharmony@comcast.net, just in case Nev doesn't have my current one (but I'm sure he does).  I think your inability to send me your article had to do with the fact that I forgot to update the e-mail address on the contact information page!  That's been fixed too.  Anyway we all look forward to your Lippisch!
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Is that a navy flag I see on the nose Comrade?
Between almost-true and completely-crazy, there is a rainbow of nice shades - Tophe

Sales of Airfix kits plummeted in the 1980s, and GCSEs had to be made easier as a result - James May