He-177 as a '46 VIP Presidential Project

Started by ysi_maniac, December 16, 2022, 09:51:03 AM

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I begun this project in 1999 to create a liner from a bomber. Grief's fuselage only allow 2 abreast seats and a central aisle. So, just a few passenger and 1 or two cabin crew. IMO, this meant a Business or VIP or, perhaps, a Presidential plane. Between 8 passenger in seats to 4 with seats and beds, a meeting table, ...

I did'n decided how to address the power plant issue until last month: Turboprop

One requirement was global reach, hence beds, even for crew.

Underwing, extra large tanks. Tank "german shape" was mandatory.  ;D 8)

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Yes, a very great idea. I Imagine the VIPs will be grateful for the engine change, would have been quite jittery in a plane with the original engines.  ;D
The kit is the ancient Airfix one?
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Nice! they might want some hearing protection in those fancy lower berths! 
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this is the kind of stuff i really like.  I'm all eyes on this one.

And i'm so relieved to know there's others with projects longer than mine - i'm chagrined to a standstill by the fact i haven't completed my  Nazi jetliner project commenced in 2009....but your 1999 makes me feel so much better.


Nice, but which sane VIP might enter and even fly with a He 177?  ;)


The 177 did have that rather annoying problem of over heating the crap out of it engines and catching fire so the turbo shafts is a good idea but also rather loud so they'll just use a ton of insulation to knock out the noise..this will be a one of a kind presidential plane for sure  :thumbsup:
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