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Started by Charlie_c67, November 08, 2022, 09:45:27 AM

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These are links to the Reaper I was thinking of. I tried to insert them as pics but no go.

Here is the WB-57 now at NASA. This goes back to the Canberra of course but a Meteor based one would be very interesting.

Cheers, that's the one I've seen too, but there were some pictures in that thread I've not seen before.

I've decided to go for fuselage pod engines with Meteor wings, partly because the swept wings I have do look weedy for a 50's ground pounder, but also because I don't have anything suitable for the twin tail needed if the engines were to have an A-10 style mounting. This does mean lots of PSR while I fill the large gap in the Meteor wing, plus some thought needed into how I position the engines as they're not a symmetrical shape. I have a rough idea, but it's gonna take some work to look how I want it to!
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Now I have to find a Meteor kit or two and add more to the to do list. It gets longer faster than I can build!
I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes.
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Charlie going with this idea of engine mounting is good..even tho it's a fare amount of work it will look cleaner and more 60s style and the wings are perfectly good for a ground pounder .
The thin wings would have been great for something high speed but that's not what your looking for..this is gonna look pretty damn cool mate  ;D
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