F/A-37 Talon Model (3D Printed Parts)

Started by Spino, August 23, 2022, 01:58:32 PM

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I'm going to attempt to re-create the F/A-37 "Talon" depicted in the movie "Stealth".  I want to do it larger than 1:72, so I'm going to 3D print the parts from a CAD model and attempt to create it that way, in 1:48 scale or something close to it.  Thoughts on what I should arm it with?

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No idea what to tool it up with. But sounds an interesting project. Good luck
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Size (of the stash) matters.

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I guess it depends on the mission/role and timeframe you want to depict it in.
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Quote from: Spino on August 23, 2022, 01:58:32 PMre-create the F/A-37 "Talon" depicted in the movie "Stealth".
I did not know this plane, just the Nothrop Talon T-38 (similar to F-5B), but Google explained and this is interesting :thumbsup:
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You could add an interior weapons bay like the F-117.


In the movie the Talon had an internal weapons bay. and as far as I can tell it carried AIM-9M Sidewinders (interesting that it didn't have the AIM-9X since the movie was made in 2005 and the 9X came along in '03), AGM-130 boosted glide bombs, and a Paveway-type LGB called a "Truncheon implosion bomb" (fake I'm sure).  There's an F/A-37 mod for SF2 that has AIM-120 AMRAAMs, AIM-9X Sidewinders, and several different kinds of LGBs and AGMs.  Not sure if the AMRAAMs are feasible, the nose doesn't have a lot of room for a radar and it's oddly shaped for one anyway, though I suppose something like the APG-65/73/79 from the Hornet/Super Hornet might fit. 


Two Phoenix fairings from a Tomcat mounted side by side, give a very interesting stealthy shape.  A spade shaped nose with a faceted body.  Add some flip out wings like JSOW or Storm Shadow.
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That's an interesting idea.  I found a model I want to use, but I have to slice it first.  It's not easy to print something like this.


Been a while I know, haven't done any printing yet unfortunately.  Having to edit the model with Solidworks to get it to a printable state for this scale.  Probably going to design custom weapons for it in Solidworks too, done it before for other things.