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Plane trains and not Aerotrains
« on: January 13, 2021, 08:29:49 am »
Hi Guys,
As there is a topic based on Aerotrains,  I thought that the idea to  use a narrow bodied aircraft fuselage mounted on a flatbed wagon or multiple bogies would be a whiff.
 However the French have a concept based around the Fairchild XC-120 which is a Fairchild C-119 with extended landing gear to mate with various mission pods. This resulted in an improved pod-carrying variant the M-142 and M-144.
The French use a twin engined turbofaned mothership to carry the pod loaded fuselage. The pod is either powered internally or by a locomotive.
 My idea keeps the cockpit of the fuselage but loses the wings and tail. Apparently the Russian's have tried something similar,  to streamline a train. I don't think it made it into regular service but the principal and layout is something worth pursuing.
 Two suitable donor kits sprung into my mind the Mach2 Sud Caravelle and the de Haviland Comet 4C .
I haven't tried building the Mach2 de Haviland Comet 4C so I don't know how bad it is to correct or make something decent.  On the other hand the  Caravelle can be difficult to build as this is subject to sink marks,  cracks and a lot of flash.  The cockpit floor doesn't fit,  when you glue the fuselage halves together.  The wings are fiddly and that excuse for the main landing gear doesn't fit either. I've used parts from the Airfix HS/BAe Nimrod MR.1/MR.2 kit,  although slightly bigger they seem to work with a bit of trimming and fettling.
The kit comes with seats for the passengers and I was thinking of making the windows larger.
 I wonder if my nephews have stopped playing with their Lego train and aircraft sets,  that gives me a chance to experiment on my design!