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Austin Metrovan 4x4 Ute
« on: January 07, 2021, 05:04:53 pm »
I thought that the Metro Ute was a whiff but it turns out that a few were built but didn't make it into production in the UK, I still have to do some research if it was sold elsewhere.
I know that there was a rally version and there are 1/24 scale model kits available so a 4x4 pickup truck can be built.
Slot cars could be a cheaper option or diecast as it seems this was a popular choice.
 There was a Metro hardtop van and even a Tickford version. In the real world.
Other possibilities include mounting a GPMG in the back or grenade launcher,  a smaller version of the LandRover for the budget restrictions of the British Army.
 Well if a Mini can be converted into a camper van what about the Metro?
This might be a long list of potential Whiffs.
Further information regarding the pickup truck indicates that most of the convertible cars had the rear seats removed and a canvas covering or soft top with metal mounted hoops. I haven't found a beach buggy or rescue vehicle yet!
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