Started by Glenn, September 29, 2004, 07:07:47 PM

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I was looking for something 'odd' to make when I came across this He-116. Looking at the plans, and having a He-111H close by, I decided to 'give it a go'! In 1/144sc. and after Photocopying the plans to scale, I set to work. Well, it wasn't as easy as I'd have thought, the fuselage had to be cut in about 4 sections, and rejoined so the nose is longer, and the wing, jeezes, it would have been a lot easier in 1/72sc. then I could have used a B~C model.
The engines were made from tubing with .10 thou plate aling the sides to give the right look, and the colour is Lt. Grey. The only thing holding me up, with finishing it, is the code letters, but other than that, it's another Heinkel to go with my collection.


Very nice work indeed.  You obviously don't have the fat fingers I do. :D
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QuoteIn 1/144sc.
:wub:  Congratulations, Glennlyn. You make me regret having chosen the 1/72nd scale, once again, I should have done all in 1/144th (I remember your Starfighter Zwilling also, so nice). Many little cute silhouettes, good enough for an overview. Thanks for the lesson, I will see, I plan to model again after my moving to a new appartment in 2005. But I have a whole stock of boxes, 1/72nd...
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Oh what a gorgeous little beauty..
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1/144?  :o

Good grief Glenn, are you a micro-surgeon in real life or something?  :P

Cos if I started cutting up a kit that small, very quickly I'd have nothing but plastic shavings left  :lol:  
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Nice work Glenn. :wub:

That baby looks 'right'.

And in fly scale too!  WOW! :cheers:  :cheers: