Author Topic: Hawker-PAC 'Turbo Fury'; '01' of the Royal Thai Marine Corps, Chanthaburi 1969  (Read 6678 times)

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Hmmm, Should look odd, and the wide fuselage (= mating it with the narrow Herc nacelle, the Fury/Tempest is very good for this task) is the true challenge. Could even be that the P-47 is also taller than the nacelle's end, so this would take major body work - worth a try, though. Maybe exported into the Iran...?
Haven't checked the size and shape match of the nacelle on a F4U's front end. Height should be good, but, again, the width worries me. Some time ago I added a Merlin with chin radiator to an F4U, and this was a rather tricky and messy task...

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If you split the nacelle into right/left halves and spread it to match the P-47 width?
Have it coming down to it's correct size at the spinner end, and fill the resulting wedges.
Standard spinner, new blades, done!

Should work ok?

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How did I miss these first time round?
Great modelling & backstory. :thumbsup: