CAC 'Flinders'

Started by Glenn, September 20, 2004, 07:24:04 PM

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Built to replace the ageing Lancasters' the CAC developed this 'Stop-gap' costal surveillance aircraft. Using the Lancaster as a base, the wing was mounted further back, for the new landing gear. Seen here, flying over North Queensland.
RAAF photo 0183492/34

Model:    1/144th Crown Avro Lancaster. (modified)
Colour Scheme: Humbrol 127 Satin Grey.


Quotethe wing was mounted further back, for the new landing gear.
Do you mean : no tail wheel but a nose wheel?
Here in flight, the balance seems difficult (but I am not an engineer, Evan will tell us). I would have understood the balance as a flying wing, without tailplanes anymore, here I just wonder if that would fly... Well, no matter, as far as I am concerned - I am not a pilot as well, and I just like pretty objects, beautiful pictures, like your ones, Glenn Lyn. :)  
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


It proabably would've made more sense to extend the fuselage forward of the wing if you were going for a tri-gear aircraft.  As I remember, Boeing looked at a high-wing, tricycle-geared B-17 derivative, but decided they gained nothinrg (there's a 3-view in the Putnam book).  

Having said all that, let me offer my compliments on a job well done and a good photo to boot.
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Beautiful as ever Glenn  :wub:  :wub:  
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Very nice Glenn. What engines did you replace the Merlins with?? BTW, I like the Lanci n that grey. It looks very appropriate.
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Hey Glen that looks great full marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the back drop  :wub:  :wub:

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Captain Canada

Nice looking model, and too right, the Mighty Lanc does look good in gray !

My favourite, tho, are the French Aeronavale ones.....Mmmmmmm :wub:

Great photography again, Lyn ! But, I must say, the Lanc sure looks funny with it's wing  like that !

Cheers !

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Seen here, taking off from Darwin Air Base.

The Radar blister on the under belly was a canopy from a 1/72sc. Me-262A, and the U/C legs from a 1/144th He-111H, and the wheels from a Hasagawa 1/72 USAF weapons' trollies set.

Davey B

Gorgeous :wub:  :wub:

And the radar equipment in the back would probably balance the changed centre of lift!