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Riich Models ...
« on: April 15, 2013, 11:58:38 am »

Riich 1/35th Skoda RSO Type 175 quick look ...

First Impressions:
It's very nice, very cleanly moulded and well detailed without going
overboard on the parts ala HobbyBoss or Bronco. Around 289 injected
parts (I may have miscounted), a small PE fret (20+ bits o' metal),
small decal sheet, a bit of chain and thread to roll onto the winch drum.
What's really nice is that the chassis frame is a one piece moulding, none
of that multi-piece BS like the above mentioned guilty parties. The cab
is moulded car and truck modelling style (hooray), with the side walls, roof and
windscreen a single very nice moulding, doors and back wall are separate.
One piece steel tires, the holes are slightly flashed over on the inside so
need to drilled out, but that is no biggy.

All in all a nice compromise between the Tamiya approach of simplified
assemblies/ lower part count and the OOT approach of the other Chinese
manufacturers and ICM. From first appraisal moulding is also in the
Tamiya class.

a nice model of a wackdoodle concept that was a complete failure, too underpowered,
didn't work well in the mud of the steppe and had a habit of sliding off the roads
in the west. Steel tires + tarmac or cobbles = woopsidaisy here come da ditch.
 ;D Not one of Herr Doctor Porsche's shining moments.

This is the first AFV release from Riich and if it's anything to go by their upcoming
Universal Carrier should be very nice.

Their 1/350th DSRV is very tempting.
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