Tamiya Electric Handy drill - yay or nay ?

Started by mkhulu, July 10, 2011, 08:04:43 AM

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Seems a pretty cool gadget or will a pin vice suffice ? (it rhymes :D)

thanks - chocks away Ginger !
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There's a brief review here: http://forum-of-doom.com/index.php?topic=13050.0

Haven't used it, but I'm tempted. A pin vise will drill through plastic in no time, so you don't really need it. But at the moment I use a cordless drill on my models on occasion, both for drilling and with other Dremel accessories (e.g. milling bits). I don't know if the chuck on this device is big enough to accept those, though.


I like the idea of a low-powered, low-speed drill. I've got a cheap Dremel clone and 9/10 times it's too damn powerful, always a slip away from melting the plastic with a sanding tool or drilling too far. Having said that, I find the hand-operated Archimedes-screw-type pin vice of the most pleasing and accurate modelling tools on the bench....  <_<
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I was going to post the same link as Hobbes..
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Re low speed: probably the best purchase I ever made was my dental drill (an Osada Beaver XL). It has infinitely variable speed from 0-40,000 RPM and is dead strong at low speeds; I can (and have) drilled metal at about 100 RPM. The issue I have with Dremels is that they are next to useless when it comes to styrene as even the low setting on the five-speed ones is too fast, and the variable ones are weak at low RPMs. The Tamiya one seems just the trick, and if I didn't already have the Osada (I got it for stupid cheap from a family denturist friend along with about 150 bits) I'd definitely get one.

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i think i will pass on the tamiya one..................if i cant do it with a pinvice i have an old cordless drill with a proper chuck and speed controlled trigger.......its so old, small and underpowered its useless for use as a proper drill (been replaced several times over, over the years) but for styrene its perfect
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