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Rhino (Another misleading thread title)

Started by Keith Diamond, February 28, 2011, 10:42:14 AM

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Keith Diamond

Not a Phantom or Super Hornet, but... a Rhino.

Painted this alongside the Brontosaurus display

Its hard to see, but I actually used two shades of gray - Gunship and Euro 1.  I wanted two similarly shaded grays that were distinguishable up close.
Man, we should have cloned twenties. Jackson wouldn't have given a poo-poo.


Very, Very, very nice. That is a skillfully done paint job, well done that man I am envious.
Mind you for this forum it should have been in three (at least) shades of PINK :wub:
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Army of One

That is very well painted......I like it......needs a saddle n something like a warhammer 40k warrior on it...... :thumbsup:......I'm viewing this on an iPhone screen....so excuse my ignorance.....but have the horns been painted..?.....H


Keith Diamond

Thanks guys, I guess I should have whiffed it more.  A good idea may have been to get an armor kit, and graft random bits on it to look like an up armored fighting machine!

Quote from: Army of One on February 28, 2011, 11:53:58 AM
but have the horns been painted..?.....H

Most of the rhino pics I saw online didn't have much contrast between the horns and the skin tone.  So the underside and horns were painted Gunship gray, while most of the body was painted Euro 1.  So the horns are a different color than the rest of the body, but it blends in pretty well.
Man, we should have cloned twenties. Jackson wouldn't have given a poo-poo.


nice   :thumbsup: why do my "practice" sessions always look so nightmarish?!  :drink:
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Army of One

Guess I'm used to seeing to many beasts in my local GW with bleached bone horns/tusk/teeth with various washes on them......great paint  :thumbsup: