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Honduras Army Assault Helicopters
« on: December 12, 2010, 12:48:38 pm »
The Honduras army, as with most modern armies relies very heavily on helicopter transport, but because of the topography of the areas the army need to get in the Helicopter is the only way to get into and out of the combat/patrol theatre. Every helicopter in Honduras use has to be very tough and capable of taking punishment, as well as dealing it out. Due to the capabilities of the Nicaraguan Cartel forces, each helicopter has to be loaded out for every eventuality, if that is not possible then a 2 or 3 bird team will carry out a mission together.
The helicopter team shown below consist of a troop assault and extraction helicopter (Dauphin) anti armour (Gazelle) and a dedicated anti aircraft/helicopter, unit (A 109-K). These helicopters are also tasked with defence of armoured convoys, medevac protection, troop transport helicopter escort and hit and run missions against Cartel targets of opportunity. The dauphin also has the capability of being a dedicated anti armour helicopter also as it has full capability to target, fire and reload with TOW missiles. 

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