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Firstly, I am honored that I put the first entry of a new type to this GB.
  World War II goes a little differently ... Enough that Czechoslovakia and Poland were on the west side of the Iron Curtain and the Balkans: in the Soviet zone. Both countries were the kind of front of NATO: Poland directly to the east, and Czechoslovakia against the Balkans. During most of the Cold War, the Czechoslovakian Air Force focused on the task of air defense of national territory. However, in the 70s, it was concluded that also  it's need for their own platform that could be used to combat the sophisticated air defense system of Vilnius Pact countries, especially Romania and Hungary, which could paralyze by the SAM batteries air over a large part of the country, mainly in Slovakia. At the same time the U.S. began work on electronic warfare aircraft: EF-111. The idea that the F-111 variant of the possibilities of detection of emission sources by the Raven and the strike potential of Aardvark, would provide an ideal platform for SEAD actions not only tactical but also strategic level. Admittedly, work on the EF-111 systems dragged on, but air defense supresion versionhas been refined more quickly. The system contains all the means of detection available in Raven, placed in the fairing on the tail, but the jamming systems were limited to a few "general" antennas. However, during combat missions was to be used for selective jamming additional payload, carried in the bomb bay with a laser target designator. Despite high price, plane became interested in Czechoslovakia, which was keen to equip into it one, or two squadrons. To reduce transaction cost, Czechoslovakia did not received the new F-111s, but the aircrafts rebuilt from E version.
The problem for Americans was even the name for the new aircraft. There were several variants, for example: "Wild Spark," "Wild Raven" as a reference to the version of the EF. But finally selected the sign F/E as an intermediate between the F-111E, and the EF-111 and the name of "Wild Vark".  
Aircraft entered service in Czechoslovak aviation in 1981 and immediately had taken on many roles. In addition to the role envisaged for them, it also carried ELINT missions conducted by observing the Hungarian military radio networks and air defense, and constituted a fundamental Czech striking force.

The most famous mission of "Wild Aardvarks" of Czechoslovakia was the raid on Ploesti in 1988. At that time, Ceausescu government in Romania swayed by subsequent illegal opposition protests. Following the introduction of emergency rule in Romania, the Czech aviation create idea to test the Romanian air defense system, by sending two F-111 at low altitude along the Carpathian Mountains deep into Romania. Also, a further two aircraft circling high above the eastern Slovakia, served as an emergency buddy tankers and support listening and jamming Romanian network. As a result of a night race, the two machines penetrated through the valleys of the Carpathian undetected until they was over the Ploesti. Apparently, over refinery planes made characteristic for F-111 'dump' n burn" manevour and escaped to Czechoslovakia. Raid remained a secret to the public, but its result has been a several major personal upheavals in the USSR and Romania.

Czech F/E-111 also participated in Operation "Desert Storm" where once again they demonstrated the incredible capabilities of both reconnaissance, electronic warfare, and strike, providing support for the British Tornados.

Of course, the largest user was the USAF. New aircrafts was built in the years 1979 to 1983, but in late 80'ies to the standard F/E-111 were rebuilt a large number of "E" machines, as in the case of Czechoslovakia. These aircraft served in both SAC and tactical aviation, during a Gulf War, War in the Balkans in 90'ies and the Second Gulf War.

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The camo on that first Spark Vark is VERY nice.  Great job.




Ok, I scanned over the story for this one . . . it's a F-111 for SEAD use? (Not having the under-fuselage faring threw me for a loop)

Looks great dude!
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Quoteit's a F-111 for SEAD use?
Yes, exacly. With passive equipment from Raven for searching enemy radars, but without most of Raven active jammers. Instead it, this Vark can (or not) carry in bomb bay Pave Spike or Pave Tack pod together with active jamming pod, with a smaller jamming capabilieties than EF-111 equipment.




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