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« on: January 24, 2010, 10:58:50 am »
Dapol Model Railways in the UK mainly make N and 00 Gauge railways accesories, but they also do a range of injection-moulded plastic kits in 00 Gauge (1/76th scale) and these have many items of interest to whiffers and modellers in general (a lot of them are ex-Airfix items):

Prices are reasonable too.

Some items of note:

Wheeled excavator (dioramas: construction vehicles are hard to come by)
Stephenson's Rocket (steampunk bits)
Various cranes and crane trucks (conversions)
Scammel Scarab (so cute and 1950s you KNOW you want one  :wub:)
Modernish, intact buildings (hard to come by for dioramas)
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