Austro-Hungarian Fockewulf

Started by Jacques, January 01, 2010, 09:43:29 AM

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What if Austro-Hungarian Empire survived the WW1?

Focke-Wulf OEFFAG J-190, K.u.K. Luftfahrtruppe (A-H Emperor´s and King´s Flying Corps), Italian front, summer 1946
This aircraft belongs to the unit Flik 50S (Schlacht-Fliegerkompagnie - strike squad), pilot Oberleutnant Mordechai Meyer, who had chosen a blue Jewish star as his personal emblem...


That sounds very interesting so far.  :thumbsup: You've got my attention.

EDIT: For some reason the pics didn't display when I typed my response. Now they do and I really like what I see. :thumbsup:

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I like it :)

So what else is the Austro-Hungarian Empire flying in 1946?
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I like that and the idea of the heraldry used on WWI aircraft carrying on in time  :thumbsup: Built a Royal German AF Nuieport in WWI Albatros markings myself
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And here, by courtesy of a friend of mine,  the same aircraft in "Il-2 Shturmovik" PC simulator... :rolleyes:


Good looking!

A-H seems popular here