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Leutonian Navy Fleet: overview
« on: September 08, 2009, 03:25:49 am »
this is my Leutonian Navy, currently under re-armament. here we see 4 of the active vessels.

first up is the flagship of the fleet, the STOVL aircraft carrier "LNS Amanda Peet", as of 2012, she will be replaced by a larger STOBAR carrier. seen on board are 2 Sea Harrier FRS.53, 1 Seahawk ASW, 1 Seahawk AEW and 2 SH135's.

the second ship, is the patrol ship (former frigate) LNS Valkenier, who recently had its helicopter deck removed and was fitted with guided tocket launchers, a 50. machine gun and a fast boat for boarding, she is currently on patrol in the bourgondy-Canal, on an anti-piracy mission.

3rd is the Submarene, the LNS Halycon, is ione of 2 connery-class submarines currently in service, these were bought from the German navy in early 2009.

the 4th ship is the newest and most modern vessel in the fleet, and was launched today, the new frigate "LNS Westkerke". and is one of 2 fvrigates currently on order.

other ships to come are:

-LNS Pjotter (currently undergoing a rebuild)
-LNS Hannigan (a minesweeper, currently still WIP)
-LNS Zooey Deschanel (Coastal patrol ship, construction to begin soon)
-LNS Anniston (one of 3 Willis-class missile boats on order, ex-german navy gepard class, revell 1/144 to be bought)
-Unknown STOBAR carrier (still in early design phase, should start building one in 2010)
-LNS Lissette Hanley (1/144 fletcher-class destroyer, WIP)
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