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Started by matrixone, June 23, 2009, 07:55:29 PM

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This is not a model but it will have a lot to do with pics of my new models later this year, its my new bigger and (maybe) better backdrop I am working on. I expect this thing will take another week to finish up, the backdrop I painted last year took only five hours to paint from start to finish but the quality was poor.

On to the pics...

This is the basic sky blue background color applied with a spray can of Testors model paint, in this pic you can see the can of spray paint at the base of the backdrop...this things big!

I added the clouds at this stage because I wanted to overlay the mountains over some of the distant clouds near the horizon.

Below is a side by side pic of last years backdrop and the new one I am painting this year, the clouds on the old one are awful! Its not as easy to paint a realistic looking ''sky'' with an airbrush as I thought it would be, next time I will use an airgun or brush paint the clouds with acrylic paints because the airbrushes I have work great for painting small objects like scale models but don't cut it when trying to paint something like the size of this backdrop. :banghead:

In few days I will have the ground work painted, pics will be posted then. ;D



thats a true work of art  i would like that in my front room in it own right
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I don't think I've ever seen a sky without contrails in it before  ;D     Looks great Matrix!  :thumbsup:
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M ONE you paint better than I could photograph :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
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Thanks guys!

I am starting on the mountains right now, I am trying to find just the right colors to use for them. Pics will be posted in two or three days.
It will be a relief to get this project finished!



Wow, great pic. Can i borrow it to pretend i've been on holiday?


I relax just looking at it  :mellow:  :thumbsup:
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Oh wow!!!! Now THAT is the work of a superior artist with a capital A!!!! Excellent work Matrix
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That's a nice job you're doing on that backdrop. I need to get started on mine soon except mine will be a Martian desert. No clouds to worry about ! I'll probably do it with a brush and watercolors. Nothing as large as you are doing.


Thanks tanktastic 43, Taiidantomcat, lancer, and trekriffic!

You might want to make a larger backdrop than you have planned to make if you are going to be taking a lot of pictures of your models. The reason for this is it allows you to place the backdrop further away from your model and help give the illusion that there is a much bigger distance from your subject and the things painted on your backdrop. I have seen a number of pictures of models that were taken with some nice looking backdrops but because the backdrop was placed too close to the model it ruined the realism effect the backdrop was intended to give the model. Another thing to consider is if you are going to brush paint your backdrop setting your backdrop a little further away when taking pictures of your models will help hide any brushstrokes and make the scene blend together better.
I have had the best results in my model pictures when I place the backdrop two feet away from the model, the bigger the scale of the model the further away the backdrop should be.

BTW, the backdrop is a large sheet foamboard. It was rather expensive too, it cost me $25.00 and was special ordered from a craft shop.
Smaller sizes of foamboard are easy to find and not that expensive either and can be used to make an effective backdrop, the size of the one I am now making is almost overkill but it is something I wanted to try anyway.



 :wub: Congratulations Matrixone. I am half-way between admirative and jealous (sorry).
Years ago, I considered reaching an "art" course to learn how to paint skies and clouds, and you do that like if it were simple. Just wonderful, dear.
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


Thanks Tophe!

Painting those clouds was not so easy to do, it took me three attempts to get them where I thought they might be good enough...also I nearly ran out of white paint to work with because of trying to use a light colored paint over a dark background, it took several coats of paint to get good coverage.

For the color of the mountains I will use a base color of RLM 75 and lighten and darken it as needed to represent different rock layers and maybe add some shadows too.

I will post more in-progress pics this weekend.



Some update pics....
Mountains have been added

Now the tree covered hills are painted on,

Here is a close up of the backdrop as it looks now...so far so good, this thing might turn out as good as I had hoped it would.

I only have to paint the very bottom of this backdrop and add some snow to the tops of the mountains to finish it. I might add some clouds over one of the distant mountains too if I feel up to it. One thing is for sure...my modeling slump is over because I can't wait to build me some new airplanes. :wub:

Now to start planning next years backdrop! :blink:



Um! Matrixone.
Any chance that you could post this as a JPG image or whatever for us lesser mortals to copy and use.
Please, Pretty Please.

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