Started by Shasper, April 29, 2009, 07:32:23 PM

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Ok guys I've had this one in the closet long enough I guess . . . a mud moving "MiG-31" idea has always been floating in my head for the last 10 years, and last August I finally started putting my thoughts into styrene:

Started with the old Revell MiG-31 kit and used the kit's giant underwing tanks as a base for the CFTs. Eventually the saddlebags will gain some stores attachment points, and I'm going to try and scratch the Sabre LERXs from the real Foxhound-E (which is strictly air-to-air) along with a FLIR/Laser designator housing under the nose.

Shas 8) 
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Keep it coming.  Love the name "Strikehound," too.
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There was actually a ground attack (or multirole would be more apt a description) MiG-31 proposed in real life:  at the Paris Air Show in 1995 there was a variant of the MiG-31B designated the "MiG-31F", with "F" standing for "frontovy / front AKA tactical", which was fitted with air-to-surface weapons for the strike or particularly the SEAD role.   As far as I'm aware, nothing more came of it.  Perhaps you can weave this into the backstory for this?


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Smooth.  She needs a gun, too, IMO :wub:


MiG-31F eh? I'll have to give it some thought . . . As far as the gun goes, the regular mount above the right side MLG would be obscured by the new CFT, so the gun will be removed unless I can find a alternate location.

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Some sort of semi-conformal gunpod might work . . . I'll chew on it ;)

Update: It's been a looong while since I messed with this bird, but today I pulled out of the box & managed to get the weapons pallets put on, no pics but I hope to get some more work done on it in the coming weeks :)
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Looking forward to more of this Mudhound, Shas - should prove to be interesting to say the least I think.
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Overkill? Nah, it's Insurance.  So are the 20" guns.

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Like it lots.....great idea,but have to agree with other....needs a gun whether internal or in a pod.....



Haven't touched this bird in a while, but I did get some pics of the changes:

Still need to fill in the rear fairings

And the bridge between the pallets
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Cool! Gun in one of the side pallets maybe?
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Thats a negative Pyro, I'm looking at either a pod on the centerline or an external arrangement similar to the Gripen, except further up the ventral fuselage (between the centerline station & the nose gear). *If* I go for the external mounting the gun type will be changed to the single barrel 30mm found on the Flanker or the twin barrel from the Frogfoot, as the original 6-barrel cannon will be too big for the location.

To complicate things, I'm still working out the FLIR & laser designator details, whether or not I'll stick them internally along with an EO sight for dumb/optical-guided munitions dropping or if it'll got the podded route ala Mudhen. . .

About the only things I have decided is a) it'll be finished in tactical camo and b) there will be an extra pair of pylons under the wingtips for AAMs!
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