Nakajima G-22N

Started by gunfighter, March 21, 2009, 11:13:02 AM

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Well, here is a project I have been working on since November, but I didn´t have much time to invest on it. It´s also a hugue model, so it´s been wandering around home until I set a workbench in the garage.
What´s this all about? I wanted it to fit somehow in the Fatherland ´64 universe, but as it looked very close to a shinden fighter in general arrangement, and after reading the "Sky Fighters" topics, I decided to go Nippon ´56... ;D
The basic kit is an Italeri 1/72 Blinder, in which I have changed the wing configuration to delta-canard. This took LOTS of putty, and keep in mind that this is THE FIRST TIME I have used it. I have always built models OOB. Anyway, Iam pleased with the result, it looks menacing...
This morning, I have made my first ever attempt with an airbrush, which I have found a pleasure to work with. In the pics you may see the first coat of olive drab applied. Tomorrow I will go with the white undersides and wing stripes, let´s see if I don´t fail with the masking...
Backstory: after cease fire in Europe, and with the US reluctant to enter the war against Germany, the Japanese do their infamous strike on Pearl Harbor, just to make sure the americans don´t change their minds... But one difference: this time, the US carriers are caught on the docks, and severely damaged, let´s say beyond repair. The battleships get the accustomed hits. AND unlike the real attack, the japanese commanders decide to launch further raids on the island until they totally destroy the remaining aircraft and don´t leave a single warship of any size untouched. Human causalties are very high too.
The result of this: the US Navy loose their power in the pacific almost totally, and with the UK no longer in the war, decide not to counter attack.
The japanese proceed then to invade the main islands on the south and western pacific, and their fleet sails virtually unmolested.
By late 40s, the US and the Japanese are in some way in a "cold war": the US Navy has built a few carrier groups and heavy cruisers and they have intermitent clashes with the imperial navy, though never beyond some shots fired from both sides.
With the help of german engineers, the japanese navy develops a series of medium range jet bombers from 1945 on, used mainly on antishipping, and/ or maritime patrol. The new jet bomber for 1955, the Nakajima G-22N, flies well out of the reach of the USAF F-86s that try to intercept them from Hawai, and is the first supersonic bomber to fly outside europe (the germans got their first mach 1 bomber on 1949).
Updates to follow.
Oh, be indulgent with my poor modelling skills...


Some more after initial coat of paint. Hope you´ll enjoy


Damn, Gun, you beat me to that concept - I've been thinking to myself of doing some Nippon '56 stuff, what-if the Japanese Aircraft Companies didn't get the axe post-war, so companies like Kyushu building fighters, Nakajima bombers, etc... I didn't think of doing a Blinder, but still, it looks like it should be quite interesting to see.
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That's effin' awesome!  :bow:  :wacko:

I never thought about the parallels to the Shinden, but your mods certainly make it look the part. Eager to see more!  :thumbsup:

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I thought it was a pretty cool concept until I saw it in the dark paint: that's when I banged my head from passing out. Gerry Anderson was a Sith Lord.
Very cool.
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DANG :o That is effin cooooooool :mellow: :thumbsup:
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Oh my!  Freaking cool!

Now excuse me before I wet myself........carry on.


Wow  :o looking forward to see how this one turns out  :thumbsup:
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Well, thanks for your kind comments!. Time for some masking this morning, though I still have to do some corrections on green parts. I plan to paint the leading edge roots in red, as well as the engine intakes. The undersides willl be white, and I will also put white strips over the wings, in which I´ll apply the decals later. I still have to dig in my decal box to find a suitable nose and tail art.
Here is how she looks with the masking tape:


Quote from: John Howling Mouse on March 21, 2009, 02:24:33 PM
like Gerry Anderson was a Sith Lord.

:D :D Couldn't have said it better myself :p
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Well, these afternoon my NEW???? airbrush broke. It seems that the rubber pipe that takes the paint form the jar has broken somehow. It looks melted??? :angry:. So, tomorrow I´ll go to my model shop to order a spare one, if that´s possible, and to ask for the reason fo this. If any of you knows what could happen, please tell me.
SO, I have started painting by hand  :banghead: although in the pictures looks right, I ensure you that in reality the finish is far from what I wanted. I´ve given a first coat of white and painted the engine intakes and edge roots in dark red.
Let´s see if I can get the airbrush working soon, because the Ar-110 is still waiting for paint, and there are only 7 days left!!! :huh:


Superb!  It looks to me like something that would've been parked in the hangar next to the MiG-31 in Firefox. :wub:


Seriously makes me think of doing one like that... it'd just be a pain in the donkey because there isn't one in 1/144.  It's a beautiful concept though.  I think I'd keep a variable geometry tip to the wing, like a Su-22, but give it a wider cord on the inner sections of the wings - stretch the cord back to the end of the gear nacelles so as to provide better lift, of course it would also affect area ruling of the bird by a fair chunk as well.

Definite food for thought though - I LOVE the look of this monster.
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Yes, for sure it is a monster...but wait to see the two 1/72 backfires that are awaiting for treatment.