some works from my Russian friend (building in progress)

Started by slava_trudu, February 27, 2009, 10:04:43 AM

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Some works (building in progress) from my Russian friend - Alexander aka Mr.Brightside (he is not registered on this site)

"here are some pics of my attempt to:

Create Ki-201 from scratch. It is now in much better shape than it was 1 year ago, it is almost ready to receive its transparent canopy. The problem is to create wheel wells, I'm too lazy for it now.

2. Is my neverending Ki-94. I liked this plane SO much so I've even bought damn A&V kit. It's quality never failed my worst prediction so I'm building that kit three or four years. The problem is that

only wings are good to go, you have to build all the rest by yourself.

3. I'm proudly present Ki-98 II KAI (jet version). Again, I got A&V kit, and I was ready to flush it in tioled, but (IDEA!!!) I've decided to build jet version. It took a LOT of efforts (and much more sanding) to build this kit (never buy this one), but it is almost ready to paint!"

I hope, will soon show the completed work
best regards
[aka slava-trudu]


Cool :thumbsup: Some seriously neat modeling of unknown projects there :wub:

Any chances of some larger photos?


Sorry, update links

Ki 201

Ki 94-I

Ki 98 I (prop version)

best regards
[aka slava-trudu]


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Looks like the jet conversion is going pretty good. I hope you stick to it and finsh them :)
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