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Getting creative
« on: January 03, 2009, 03:57:39 pm »
Inspired by the Photoshopping of others here, I've given it a go myself. Wha'd'ya think?  :huh:

These photos show two views of a unique adaptation of one of the IJN's early cruisers, likely a Nagara class CL. The ship appears to have been rebuilt as a troop carrier, similar to the USN's APDs, with a change in armament and the addition of cranes and several landing craft.
The first image, taken in early July 1945, shows a view from the periscope of the submarine USS Horsefish, which was attempting to attack the vessel but was driven off by Japanese aircraft.
The second, from mid August 1945, was taken during air operations over the Inland Sea, showing the ship under bomb attack; it was subsequently sunk by air-launched torpedos.

Based on the images, the ship was rearmed with a pair of 5" twin AA guns forward, its torpedo tubes replaced by what appear to be modified casement guns, possibly from the battleship Mutsu, and some 25mm AA guns, either twins or triples. While the ship does carry an aircraft, there is no catapult, so it is surmised that the seaplane was meant to be placed in the water for launching, or the vessel's conversion was incomplete.
There are no extant records in the Japanese archives that discuss such a conversion, so these two photos are the only known record of this vessel.
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Re: Getting creative
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2012, 06:10:58 pm »
I know I am late, but am new here.  I think you did a good job of simulating wartime attack photos.  Both the B&W and blurry give the feel of 1040s and shot in a hurry while in action.  The only improvement I can think of is adding periscope markings to the sub shot.