Author Topic: Alvis Salamander, Stalwart, Saracen, and Saladin series of 6X6 wheeled vehicles  (Read 48507 times)

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I don't think you'd like the problems the six-wheeled drives causes on long distance journeys.  Downunder, the Saracen APC had to have one crewman pumping oil into it every mile, using special footpumps, while it was moving...   :banghead:
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Nor the transmission wind-up, you'd need to look for high kerbs to jump off every 100 miles or so, and goodness knows what that would do to all the china and other fragiles aboard the RV.  :o
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Well the real idea was to go off-roading in it ----- I know some really good trails up in the mountains which lead to some really spectacular views. There's lots of high meadows up there which would be perfect camp spots, it's just getting to them.  On the dirt bike maybe about an hours ride, the 4-Wheelers take all day  ;D  And I'm done with the tenting bit of camping, RVing is more what I like these days  :wacko:
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I saw some gorgeous AWD RVs when I was travelling around Colorado. Defo the way to go !
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