Messerschmitt Me-109 M-0

Started by TomZ, January 04, 2004, 12:23:17 PM

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I just finished my new Me-109 model. This is the last version of the Me-109, the M version.

Read more about it at: http://www.xs4all.nl/~tozu/l46/L46-me109m.htm


Tom (zuid99)

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Somehow I don't think that would be very safe to fly in!  Great job Tom.
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Look at my other Me-109 model, that's even less safe to fly   :)  :)  
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loved the models on your site...neat work tom, esp the 1/700 diorama...really  B)

also liked the Comet Racer stuff too...you should do the 'armed' one mentioned in passing in the 'Airlife' book ... a single .303 gun and a single bomb to carry out a special mission (poss franco judging by the date?) the DH. museum may even still have an installation drawing too...worth a call!?

hmmm...one thought...what would its colour scheme be...!?

cheers, joe
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Thanks for the tip on the Comet. I will look into it.

Perhaps an export version for the French or Belgian air force?

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Beautiful one, Tom.  Good to see you here, too.
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John Howling Mouse

Just when the Allies thought they were getting used to the Me-262 and the Komet---this bad boy zooms up to meet the Mustangs and Spitfires!

Great idea, Tom!

:)  ;)  
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Captain Canada

Yeah....that's awesome, Zuid !

And what 700 scale diorama are we talking about ? The Sub ?

Cheers !
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:wub:  Congratulations Tom (Zuid)... and Toad also, wonderful... :wub:  :wub:
For Tom (Super-) : in the US have been flown several P-51s with ramjets at the wingtips, have you heard they were unsafe ? :huh:  
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For the 1/700 diorame go to the main site http://www.xs4all.nl/~tozu/ and choose Luftwaffe 1946 and E-stelle 700.


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Wow, that diorama is amazing!

Re:  The Mustang Ramjet version - Hasegawa did a boxing of their 1/48 kit as this version.  Wonderland were selling a stack of them for like a tenner at Waddington a few years ago.  I very nearly picked one up.  They might still be flogging them cheap if anyone wants to build one.
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