Is That a Walleye I See?

Started by Jschmus, September 01, 2008, 07:20:49 PM

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I spotted this over on airliners.net.  According to the caption, the photo dates from 1997.  I thought the Walleye retired before that.


Wikipedia says the weapon was used actively through Desert Storm.
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Definitely looks like a Walleye, right down to the data-link pod.  Designation Systems.net suggests that the type was phased out mid-90s, so I guess 97 is a possibility although a really stretched one.  The type was deployed during Desert Storm, although problems with target locks were found due to the featureless terrain of the desert. 

Pretty clumsy weapon these days, given that it was a one datalink pod per weapon job, but in 67 I guess it was cutting edge.  Interestingly, I also read that the same datalink pod is used for SLAM.




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is that data pod on the outermost wing pylon on the ladder side of the plane?


Certainly is.  By all accounts it should be the AWW-9, which is also used for SLAM targetting.  As mentioned earlier, one pod-one weapon which kinda restricts its usefulness.



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hmm, nice piccy but i can't help but feel its waste not want not with the walleye with the large HE warhead and
the USN. it looked like the naval chappie in the phot' is a 'grape', btw.

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