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Done w/ Mirrors -- OldHookers latest

Started by Eddie M., May 30, 2008, 04:50:51 PM

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Eddie M.

Some of you will remember Oldhooker of the Rutan B-17 fame. He has designed a way to display half a model with a mirror to give the effect of flying. A must see. :ph34r:
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Brian da Basher

Definitely a must see! He's got a few more of these projects in the works and I'm on tenterhooks waiting to see whhat else he comes up with!

Brian da Basher

John Howling Mouse

Saw that once at a model show: very convincing, even up close.

Another way to do it is to slice a model in half vertically and mount the front and rear halves to a clear acrilic pane.  I think AMT also did this for a re-release of select Star Wars models so they'd appear to be "in-flight."

I never had the guts to try it myself though.   :o
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I've seen something similar done with cars in a few places. One was a hotrod - mirror down the middle. ONe side was a traditional rod, the other side was a modern rod. They had different wheels, engines, everything.
The other time was actually a concept model at the Ford motor musseum in Geelong - so they could see how different lights and trim arrangments looked they did basically the same thing. Cheaper than building two whole models, and you could see two different styling trends in full.
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Guy in our club  has been mounting half aircraft on mirrors or plaques for 15+ years.  Says it gives him 2 planes per kit (1 flying right and 1 left) letting him show different color schemes.

The biggest thing you need to watch out for is the mirror itself.  If it is too thick, the plane will have a stand offish look defeating the final view.

I did like his use of the runway.
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Very nice!  Front surface mirrors, I'll have to look out for them.  Quick web search shows they're easily available & not too expensive.  I have seen half models mounted on plaques before but without mirrors, usually to show the same aircraft in different unit markings.

Best display I've seen of a flying model, beats those using struts or repelling magnets.
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How very clever!

Now the mischief maker on my other shoulder has just whispered this:

Build the whole fuselage, but only half the back wing and mount it by that, and you've got a Zwilling for the price of only one model...... :wacko: Twin-Nimrod anyone? :blink:
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Just brilliant....

...and you can build 2 models for the price of one.

Or have 1/144 formation flights.
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