Halford's Clear Laquer

Started by Geoff, November 12, 2003, 04:21:51 AM

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the only time I ever used it the can exploded all over my hands, I had shiny hands for days, looked like I had nail varnish on.


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It's because it's a 'hot' acrylic - the solvent is not water or alchol, but most probably laquer/cellulose base.
It's not an effing  jump jet.


found one that seems to work (so far... im just awaiting that one time when it doesnt on a finished model and goes 'groom dry lake bed' on me!)
the 'Hycote' acrylic formulation 'clear laquer' for acrylic and cellolose use, its got a 'hot solvent' too, but is fine if you start with a light coat then build it up!

another good one is in the 'Oasis' range (yip the dried flower people!) their 'Glaze' is an amazing water gloss finish (iv used it on some comissions where an extremely high gloss has been required!) the other sprays in heir range mostly equate to standard British shades too, eg, dk. green (moss), pru. blue (wedgewood), T.12 green (Hunter!), FD.2 mauve (violet), etc. their ice blue also looks to be a neat match for the undersurface shade now quoted for WW.2 Russian stuff too!
another one they do is a spraycan 'blackwash' a brilliant idea...works too (well on dino's anyway!)

happy solvent use!, cheers joe  :ph34r:  
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That's cos Halfords spray cans are evil. They have the longest necks of any paints. Don't get me started about my seven month long Concorde project that was killed by Appliance White.  :angry: