**FINISHED** X/JT-47 "Valon" NASA

Started by TheChronicOne, December 26, 2020, 10:43:43 PM

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I haven't thought much about what it should be called or any back story other than minor stuff involving fictional "in world" balancing issues concerning the nose area and also its role, which is to be some sort of training aircraft, perhaps an intermediate between advanced training in the T-38 and full flight duty in the Viper.

Really, this all started because I was wondering..... and thought it might look cool to cram a Talon nose onto an F-16 body.  ;D

Monogram Viper, Starfix "Talon."  Quotes, because the Talon is just a slightly dressed up F-5B. Lucky for me, most if not all the stuff that makes the Talon portions of the model inaccurate are being deleted (such as intakes). The tip tanks are another innacuracy but since this is a new bird, I'm going to use them instead of the missile rails! Hell why not?! I think it'll look neat!  :lol:

Sawed up the Talon and also sawed the F-16. Somehow I neglected to take pictures of the cuts to the F-16 but on it I cut very tight around the cockpit and along the strakes type stuff that lead into the wing leading edges.

Fast forward to today/yesterday-ish and it all seems to fit together quite well! I've gone ahead and glued it together even. Gives me Sukhoi vibes.... as if they tried a single engine/tail design.  ;D

Next is to clean up all the joins, seams, and fill in a couple areas then I can move on to getting the cockpit/interior worked on.

EDIT: Thread title change. Formerly "T-16"
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Quote from: TheChronicOne on December 26, 2020, 10:43:43 PM
Really, this all started because I was wondering..... and thought it might look cool to cram a Talon nose onto an F-16 body.  ;D

Yep! :thumbsup:
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That's looking very good.  :thumbsup:

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Quote from: Dizzyfugu on December 27, 2020, 02:41:29 AM

That's looking very good.  :thumbsup:

In fact it looks a darn sight better than an RW F-16B!  :thumbsup:
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it does look rather splendid  :thumbsup:   and rather aggressive as well, which always helps on a fighter
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wow, its like freefalling into the Geofront
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 :wub: (I feel in love with this bird lady)  :wub:
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Great idea!  Nice execution.  :)   :thumbsup:
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Reading the first few lines, I had serious doubts.
But it looks like it is going to work well.


Interesting, looking forward to seeing it grow.  The F-5 front end provides a hint of a 2-seater Typhoon.

And I missed the Gnat T2 until now.  Seamless modification  :thumbsup:

I've had an idea rattling around to graft a Hawk front end on to an F-5, but haven't done anything about it other than buying a Hobbyboss F-5E.

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Thanks, everyone!!! I feel motivated now. I'm looking forward to getting back home from work to keep going.  :mellow:  I can't wait to get the putty work done and eventually get it primered up. I want to see what it looks like all the same color.
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Cracking idea Brad, I  am liking  where this is going.  :thumbsup:
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