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Started by Raiden242, October 10, 2016, 01:52:24 AM

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New to the "What -if" forum, so I would drop in and say "hello". I have an interest in off the mainstream topics, what-if/fantasy aircraft, and things different. (This seems to be the place for it...) As well as modeling, I do artwork as well, so I may share some concepts from time to time.

If no one objects to me mentioning this, there is a contest over on the Arawasi blog. The subject is what-if and fantasy Japanese aircraft, and I thought it might be of interest to some here. Information here:

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Different is what it's all about around here, have fun! :thumbsup:
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Now that could be fun...I've had some ideas of whif-46 Japanese aircraft recently. Might sally forth.....


Hello there!!!

Welcome aboard! You're going to have fun, here.   :lol:
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Thank you!

I have some crazy ideas and cunning plans that might apply here.   ;D


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Welcome to the site ! Looking forward to seeing some of your models and artwork.

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Cunning plans and crazy ideas! :o

Yup, this is the place for you! ;D

Welcome aboard! :thumbsup:
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Quote from: Raiden242 on October 10, 2016, 06:16:24 PM
Thank you!

I have some crazy ideas and cunning plans that might apply here.   ;D

We like cunning plans.

Also, as my Eastern Front 1941: Pt.6 is a Japanese whiff (of sorts), I might follow up with that WildEagles whiffing you linked to. Thanks and welcome to the whiffiest place on the web.



Breaking News!
I revive this thread for a short notice: I took part in the last Arawasi (whif) model contest, and the submitted Ki-104 kitbash turned out to be one of the two winners!  ;D

There are two more contests on the horizon (civil aviation and Ki-43), so, if anyone else is interested...


Congrats :thumbsup:. Completely forget about that...that was the reason I built the Japanese Skyraider. Like the Belgian Raiden too.


Congratulations, Dizzy!
You're famous the (what-if) world over. :thumbsup:
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