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Westland Whirlwind

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The Rat:
I was reading a review of the Airfix Westland Whirlwind today, and had one of those whiff moments. I see either those awful RR Peregrines getting improved, or Merlins or Griffons fitted, and the resultant aircraft being navalised and carrying 2 torpedos. I would probably add leading edge slats to improve the low speed handling, might need to beef up the landing gear, add an arrestor hook of course.

Anyone know the weight of the torpedo carried by contemporary aircraft such as the Swordfish? I feel the Whirlwind could probably handle two, but I would rather be sure.

Jeffry Fontaine:
Rat san;

Most of the torpedos carried by aircraft for surface ship attack weighed somewhere betweeen 1500 pound (~800 kg) to 2200 pounds (1000 kg).  If the Whirlwind was capable of lifting a 2000 pound bomb load then you should be able to create a torpedo bomber variant. 

Keep in mind that the Sea Mosquito was rigged to carry an 18.0'' torpedo externally beneath the bomb bay so if you are looking for inspiration on how to strap one on, use the Sea Mosquito as an example. 

The American Mk 13 Torpedo weighed approximately 2000 pounds (900 kg).

The Beaufighter carried a 728 kilo 18" torpedo. I dunno the weight of the SeaMossie's sausage, but I imagine it were similar.

It's the same one used by the Sea Typhoon.

The Rat:
Hmmm... a wee bit heavier than I thought, perhaps it will just carry one. The genuine article was known to occasionally haul two 500lb bombs, so it should carry a torpedo easily. And since it would be operating off a carrier it would need to shorten the take-off run.

I remember the Sea Typhoon, and gushed over it at the time, but let me say it again - lovely! Don't think I've seen your Hellcat before Ollie, but she's a beauty too!

Belly up to the bar lads, you've both earned a round!  :cheers:

Oh, by the way, what torpedos did you guys use, if they're 1/72nd that is?

Martin H is your Whirlwind man he has a whole string of them including a Merlin engined Sea Whirlwind complete with torp in BPF markings



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