BAe Ravenclaw concepts with photos

Started by McColm, February 02, 2022, 04:12:24 PM

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This is based on a drawing by Zero-Sen in the Topic Rotodyne.
I intend to improve my version using the Airfix Rotodyne kit with the rear engine of the MH-47E Chinook and I used both rotor blades to create a contra-rotating mechanism.

So when I saw the drawing I just knew that I had to build my own version.

With the stack and turboprop engines removed there was a hole in the roof. Fortunately for me I had the bomb bay from the Sanger Avro Lincoln vacuum kit handy so I have used this to cover the gap.
The main landing gear is under the fuselage. I did have a problem of lopsidingness but it's been corrected with a pair of wheels from the Chinook kit. The metal radome is the nose weight from the Airwaves Sea King AEW conversion set.


Having found the Revell Rotodyne kit which is sadly missing the glazing and other parts, I'm in the process of using some of these parts plus spares to rebuild some form of heliplane.

Rotors are being glued  and a pair of Rolls-Royce Griffons installed.


I have managed to salvage the Revell Fairey Rotodyne using parts from the stash and the Tilt-Dyne. The fuselage windows are made from two clear strips of sticky plastic, the cockpit canopy is off the Airfix Rotodyne, engines are from the Grumman E-2 Hawkeye but has contra-rotating four blade propellers from two different kits.
Gaps around the new cockpit glazing will be bodged. I will have a look for alternative liveries.
Head on view

Yes there's daylight underneath the fuselage

Overhead view

Side view


To increase the clearance of the fuselage the main landing gear has been moved underneath it and a tail bumper added.


The BAe Ravenclaw AEW.2 is taking shape  , more parts from the stash are being applied.

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Quote from: The Rat on April 04, 2022, 07:54:00 AM
That looks like a lot of work.
It is, new parts from Airwaves and spares.


After coming back from two weeks of convalescing the Ravernclaw AEW is undergoing another conversion using the Revell Fairey Rotodyne kit, parts from the BAC Arctic Fox including the engines and propellers plus a pair of resin in-flight refuelling pods. The AEW equipment has been removed.
This will become the BAe Ravernclaw K.1. A rubber inflatable fuel tank will be plumbed into the cargo hold so it can also refuel itself whilst in flight. The main purpose is to extend the range of the Fleet Air Arm helicopters'.


The latest incarnation using the Revell Fairey Rotodyne and the vacuum Avro York conversion.
The Avro Yorkdyne KC.1