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The Rat:
Took a look at the shelf today and see this, the red on the decal has completely faded. It wasn't in direct sunlight, and the red on the other decals is also starting to go. They came from the Hobbycraft CF-100 sheet. Not happy. Now I have to either try to ignore it, or replace them, or write another backstory about the Belgian Air Force being supplied with lousy paint, or another backstory involving a mythical nation with the 'new' roundels.

Decal fade by Dave Bailey, on Flickr

I rather like the "unsuitable paint" concept.  I'm sure that the backstory will be fascinating to read.

you could set it outside for a few/weeks days, and build it as a wreck thats been laying abandon for a few years  :mellow:
maybe on a diorama with some oil barrels,.....

Captain Canada:
That's bizarre !

As you say it wasnít in sunlight but was it under lights that might have given off a lot of UV light? Iím thinking of flouresent but do LEDs give off a lot of UV also?


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