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Lunch in London - Oct 25th CANCELLED

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You are invited to lunch in London on Sunday 25th October 2020.

I will arrange a table for 6 at a pub in Central London for 1pm so that some of us can meet up, get pissed, talk nonsense and enjoy a fine meal.
This is instead of the Elstree show. Probably in the London Bridge or Westminster area.

Please reply if this interests you and you feel sure of attending.

Wish I could. Maybe Iíll check with the spouse/banker if we can book a cheap flight.

Count me in Nick  :thumbsup:


Not sure, Nick.  Will PM with more background.

Given the change to London's Covid Band any meet would need to be outside if my understanding of the rules is correct ? And that's assuming we don't get moved to Tier 3 which our "amazing mayor" is so obviously pushing for, why I have no idea, but he's obviously got an agenda  :-\

Might be awkward to organise Nick ?


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