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IPMS Bolton 2021 **CANCELLED**

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Chris Payne:
Just seen announced.

Cancellation of Bolton IPMS Scale Model Show 2021

Dear All,

Following discussions with University of Bolton Stadium, the Bolton IPMS Club Committee held a meeting on 26/08/20 to discuss the feasibility of holding our annual scale model show in January 2021.

I am saddened to announce that under current restrictions relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, we concluded that we are unable to proceed and Bolton Scale Model Show 2021 is officially cancelled.

The reasons for this are numerous, examples are given below, but are not restricted to:

Local special measures due to increased Covid transmission rates in the North West of England affecting organisers, club members and potential exhibitors/traders/visitors.

The demographic of our show is liable to high impact from Covid.

Imposition of a limit of 500 people maximum by the venue, including all visitors, exhibitors and traders (for comparison, the venue normally holds 1500 people and we achieved this in 2020).

Restrictions on hall layout:

o No stands along external facing walls.

o A minimum spacing of 4m between each trader or exhibitor table.

o A maximum of 1 person behind each 6ft of frontage (Trade and Exhibitor).

No provision of catering by the venue.

A maximum of 2 people per toilet facility at any given time.

No venue support to setup/strikedown.

Health and safety considerations for post-show strike down and waste disposal.

Proposed increase to venue hire cost due to requirement for post-show deep cleaning.

Whilst this news will no doubt be deeply disappointing, our overriding concern is for the Health and Safety of our members and all those who attend or work at our show.

We will continue to monitor the situation, and when the time is right we fully intend to return to the University of Bolton Stadium. We will keep you advised of our plans.

Martin H:
I had a feeling this was going to happen. Thanks for the heads up Chris.

The Wooksta!:
Prediction here - it won't be the last either.  If we see a show before 2023 we'll be lucky.

Chris Payne:
No worries guys.

Lee, you are probably right with no shows til 2023. This is going to be with us a while unfortunately.

Howard of Effingham:
Thanks for the gen Chris.


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