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The Wooksta!:
Anyone mad/stupid/bored enough to follow the ramblings in my non Spitfire blog will no doubt have noticed that I've been very prolific over the last six months, although nothing has yet to transfer to the paint shop.

Last night was the first night back at the club, so I took a small fraction of said output in to show off.  I've a feeling they were expecting a table of Spitfires.  They were wrong.

So what did they get?  Here we go.

Hawker P.1081 "Kestrel" F1 on the left, F3 on the right with the larger Hunter tail surfaces which it probably needed.

Hawker P.1083 Hunter FGA9  This is basically an FGA9 fuselage with the 1083 wing.  The improved aerodynamics with the big bore Avon would have meant no need for reheat and it should have went supersonic.

Hawker P.1128 "Harrier"  Basically, Huntsman with 1083 wings and reheated engines for a supersonic exec transport.  Camm giving the finger to that Lear bloke.

Bristol Type 142 Beauregarde mk I.  This the prototype for a stopgap turret fighter based on the Blenheim to the Defiant spec.  Bristol did offer a twin engined turret fighter, but this is a shortcut.  Resin Bristol Perseus engines.

Moving swiftly on, Swift PR6A on the left, Supermarine Type 545 Swiftsure F1 on the right.  The Swift PR6 would have had the FR5 wing, but conventional wisdom has always had it based on the wing of the F7, the model being the Magna one with the Airkit FR5 nose, although the cameras would have been in the gun bays behind the intakes.

The 545 is the Maintrack kit, and the first vacform I've done in years.

And now for the end of the world. 

The Vickers Valiant K.1A, or will be when I get a bit further with it.  Based on the Mach Poo kit

Avro Vulcan B2.  This will be XM607, refitted with Olympus 202s, in wraparound camo and toting four anti radar Martels under the wings.

And finally, possibly the worst kit ever...  The Matchbox HP Victor.

This really is a hateful ill fitting parcel of dog turds. 

Photos thanks to Rob Sullivan

Martin H:
Good to see the honorable member for Tyneside North has been keeping busy  :thumbsup:

Wonder when the withdrawal symptoms for your supermarine addiction will kick in? :wacko:

The Wooksta!:
Probably when I run out of post war RAF types (that I have any real interest in) to do - and I'm not that far off...

And bearing in mind the number of Swift variants I'm playing with, said withdrawal symptoms seem to be held in abeyance.

VAST amounts of primer on display there!  :o

The Kestrels and the 545 look especially wonderful.  :thumbsup:

The Wooksta!:
Think I've gone through about 6 cans of primer, possible more.

The 545 will be one of the first to get any paint on it, alongside the V bombers and at least one of the Hunters.  Having had a conversation about it at the club with one member, we've come to the conclusion that the 545 - along with the Swift - had the same u/c as the Hunter. With that in mind, I'll be using an Airfix Hunter nosegear and Matchbox maingear with Airfix wheels.

Still need to sort out the wing fences on the Kestrels, not to mention the Valiant - the kit parts are about 2mm thick, which scales up to 144mm or about the size of an average housebrick and we all know how aerodynamic they are...


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