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Space Agency Decals - First Impressions


Somebody's selling a good-looking sheet of space agency decals on Ebay, for a measly 3:

He's got some other good stuff on ebay too:

The Wooksta!:
The UK Space Agency ones could be useful.  VC10 as the UK Vomit Comet?

Note also the Kerbal Space Program decals... :wacko:

(Bottom, left of centre, under one of the big ESAs)


--- Quote from: The Wooksta! on July 23, 2020, 01:01:46 am ---The UK Space Agency ones could be useful.  VC10 as the UK Vomit Comet?

--- End quote ---

VC-10s had a hardpoint under the starboard wing root that was occasionally used to carry a spare engine in a pod. You might imagine a British Pegasus-style small satellite launcher using a VC-10 'mothership' to fly south-west from here and then launch a small rocket eastwards over the Atlantic. Alternatively, you establish an operating base in the Carribean, fly the (liquid-fuelled) rockets over empty, fuel the plane and the rocket on-site and launch from there.

I ordered one of the sheets and it came today, which is pretty decent delivery. :thumbsup:

It's well-printed, on one continuous sheet of WHITE decal paper, so you have to cut the individual logos out very carefully. Detail is sharp, with no bleeds or pixellation, and since it's laser-printed in one pass, registration is perfect. I snipped a corner off the sheet to test, and it reacted quickly in cold water.

Since it's laser-printed I'd STRONGLY recommend doing a test run with a logo that you don't want, to make sure that the clear varnish you intend to use doesn't react with the ink.

Big NASA 'worms': 23mm x 7mm
UK Space Agency (rectangles): 14mm x 4mm
UK Space Agency (squares): 10mm x 10mm

The fact that it's on a white decal sheet means that it's going to be difficult to use the logos on anything other than a white paint job unless you're exceptionally good with a craft knife. He also does a clear-background sheet. The problem with that will be (presumably) that the white in the real-life logos is clear instead. It may be possible to combine elements of both sheets to get what you need, alternatively, you can paint an undersized white spot where the decal will go in order for it to show through. Some companies (Fantasy Print Shop?) do sheets of white circles and stripes that fulfil the same role.

I've ordered a sheet of clear-background ones. Unfortunately, it looks like I got the last one on the ebay listing so I can't give you a link to it right now, but I'll put one up as soon as he relists it (and I notice...).


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