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What-If SIG meeting 2020?

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Just an idea I had late last night after a large rum and coke...

Is there any interest in the members of this SIG meeting up in person later this year?
It wouldn't be until September or October, maybe November if SMW gets cancelled.

We could hire a meeting room somewhere like Midlands Air Museum at Coventry, sit apart from each other and have a distanced gossip but face to face.
That or a pub in London?

I like that idea, we'll have LOADS of new models to show as well.  ;D

I'd only manage the Coventry venue though, I really don't like London these days. :(

I'm due to give an APT lecture in S Wales in October and they reckon they'll be OK for me to do it then as they only have maybe 25 members likely to come.

Sounds a good idea, Nick.

Pub in London would be a good idea - drinkies (if all used public transport) but that would probably kibosh models.

Coventry would mean models to show off, most would probably be driving (I can offer lifts if needed) so booze would be out (I guess).

Weekday or weekend?

Martin H:
Nice idea.
The Midland Air Museum has become our defacto real world base of operations over the years.

But they have had to put in some fairly tight restrictions on numbers thanks to covid.
At the moment they have had to limit their newish education centre to a bakers dozen inside at any one time.
All to keep the health Gestapo & local council off their backs.

If Telford does go the way of the Dodo this year then certainly an option to consider. Also depending on the local situation at that time.

Drinking or driving?
Well, if this becomes the only model meet I get to this end of the year then I might find a hotel in Coventry and go out for the evening.

As you say Martin it's all about the local situation. We have to consider how many can get into whatever meeting room we find. And the risk of local lockdowns as seen in Leicester and Blackburn.

I probably won't look too hard at this until September. If anyone has an idea where we could meet put it out there. Doncaster, Coventry, we could even go to Telford and blag cheap rooms in November if SMW gets cancelled!  ;D


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