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Turns out that aviation author Rowland White has a website and store selling aviation merch. It's called Project Cancelled because he read that book as a kid and it was the thing that sparked his love of aviation and informed his writing career. Good sense of humour mixing aviation geekery and pop culture on display!

The shop is here:

Couple of example designs I particularly like:

The Wooksta!:
I like the TSR2 Pilot's notes.

Couldn't someone mock one up for the Project Cancelled SIG display?


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And to go with the Flash theme'd Winkle Brown:

Well spotted!!  This is a most interesting site and, if they were actually available, I could see myself spending quite a lot on pilots' notes!!


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7:2:1 If quarry is suspected of entering a cloud, electrify cloud with capacitators as per sec.14:4:13, having first prepared skynets to catch quarry's body as per sec.18:3:7.

7:2:2 If quarry does not fall from cloud when electrified as per sec.7:2:1 this indicates that quarry was not in cloud.

7:2:3 If quarry has apparently entered a cloud, but you have proved that they have not by electrifying it as per sec.7:2:1, a trap is indicated: do not enter cloud.


8:3:1 Ajax class vessels are designed to engage similar warships in maneuvering combat.

8:3:7 If engaged by a large force of small adversaries attempting a boarding action, increase speed to maximum as per sec.1:1:4 and take violent evasive action as per sec.2:3:2.

8:3:8 If adversaries attempt a boarding action per sec 8:3:7, do not under any circumstances attempt to fight off this action by stopping all engines and manning topsides to repel boarders unless high confidence exists that ship's security detail (see sec.11) outnumber adversaries and have recently completed marksmanship training per sec.11:3:17.


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