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My engineers new project - he bought something while I was away

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Well, when I came back form work today, my engineer surprised me with a really huge box in our workshop.

I have no idea where he got it and how he (or better she, as my engineer is female) got it

I went to get some food and when I returned the box was unpacked. 10 big bags with colourful plastic parts were in it. He opened the frist one and inspected the pars. Somehow, I got suspicious.

It looks like Lego, but it isn't. Something else is engraved in it, but its too small to read. I LOVED Legos when I was a kid, building ships and spaceship. Was my favourite toy until I got my first computer....
So he started to put a few things together...

I wonder what this will be, maybe a house? I made them often as a kid

Does not look like a house. Maybe a train? As a kid, I always sat in the middle of the huge Lego pile.

It could also be a big plane. I did not like to build them as a kid, the wings always fell off when playing with them.

Now he is starting with a second part.

As a kid, I did not prefer such colourful things to build, I liked the single coloured more.

So this is what he made today. He seems to be satisfied with his work.  Looks strange, and there are another 9 bags of things left....

Building an aircraft carrier  :banghead:

Old Wombat:
The Nostromo, from Alien? :unsure: ;)

Hmm, I guess I now have an idea what my engineer is doing there....

When I came back from work today, loud heavy metal music was coming from my workshop and my engineer was working on the second bag. Very unusual for him, as he normally listens to Chill-Out music while building something.

He made some extra parts and somehow, the colours remind me of something.

This looks complicated and he was listening to the same song again and again. He said the band was Sabaton. Who ever this might be.

Now this looks as if it could be the bow of a boat. Definitly not the Nostromo.

After he connected both parts he made so far - this one is getting big. Much bigger than his usual projects.



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