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Mil C-26 Cello
« on: September 12, 2019, 11:14:42 am »
As you know I have for many years been building my version of a Heliplane in 1/72 scale. The fuselage comes from a C-130, which did have the triple fin tail from a Lockheed Constellation but the central fin has been removed. It has the rotor stack from a Revell Mil Mi-26 Halo, with the resin  nose conversion set for the BAe Nimrod AEW.3. Under the rear tail is the radome from the Shackleton AEW.2 AeroClub conversion set. Were the wings are fitted on a  C-130 there's a pair of jet pods from a B-36.
 I have now found a secondhand 1/72 Mil-26 helicopter in need of restoration so I will be using the rotors on the Heliplane and kitbashing the Halo using the remaining C-130 parts plus a raid in the spares bin.