Author Topic: Area 88 1/144: A Dill Hill to Die On (F-111)  (Read 168 times)

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Area 88 1/144: A Dill Hill to Die On (F-111)
« on: August 15, 2019, 04:56:41 pm »
So Brad's South African Aardvark inspired me to get this project moving as well.  There's a bit of an impromptu Aardvark GB going on at Scalemates that I'm more or less participating in (although it got sidetracked as I was finishing up my Nausicaa Ohm dio).  Anyway, as with most of my aircraft builds, it centres on a (small) scene from the Area 88 manga.  In this case the forces of "Project 4" have entered into the Asran civil war as the first step in their arms merchant plot to create a perpetual state of global war.  After the amphibious landing near "Dill Hill" disappears into the sand, an F-111 is dispatched on a recon mission... only to run into Project 4's "Air Mines" system - basically a minefield of small missile launchers buried under the sand.  If an aircraft flying overhead fails to transmit the friend signal... BOOM.

Here's the scene from the manga, to get you in the correct mood...  ;D

Now, on to the build.  There seems to be a choice of bad or equally bad in a different way for 1/144 F-111 Aardvark kits.  So I went with the easiest one to get.. the Trumpeter one.  I was thinking of Nils as I ordered it off his favourite store on The box... slightly crushed as always when ordering from China...

So yeah... the sprues... Not a ton of details on these sprues, but we can fix that. 

Quick proves it will look more or less like a 'Vark when it's done. This one's gonna need some love.

The canopy on the F-111 is pretty distinctive, so and this is not it - even after I added a bit of framing to the canopy... we'll need to explore Plan B

First thing to do is start scribing some panel lines... like... ALL of them. Painted the interior of the canopy with Tamiya Smoke (X-19) just to see if it's going to work.

Conveniently, Trumpeter decided to off only one wing for both sides instead of a mirror image.  So I had to make a copy of the scribe lines I'd already done, make a mirror image, and then glue some paper onto the wing and scribe out the details.  It worked, but it was an unnecessary pain in the butt.

Letís get to work on the air intakes... another distinctive 'Vark feature... which was also largely incorrect on this kit.

A bit of cut tubing covers most of the gaps.

A bit more plastic sheet and some missile tips sanded to about a quarter round (but not quite) seems to have done the trick.

Yeah, I think I can live with that. Still a bit more scribing to do on the nose though.  The canopy just looks wrong though.

Heh, you knew this was coming... letís add some lights...

Yeah... I think thisíll work.

Closed off the air intakes.  I also managed to break off the wing posts, so now theyíre glued in place.  Oh, well.



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Re: Area 88 1/144: A Dill Hill to Die On (F-111)
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2019, 01:56:47 am »
looks good so far, i will have to take up some notes on your work as i have 3 of these waiting in line (including an EF-111A).
as usual, im looking forward to seeing it finished  :thumbsup:
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Re: Area 88 1/144: A Dill Hill to Die On (F-111)
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2019, 06:58:50 am »
Oh yeah!! This is coming along well, it could be said to be coming together well. Coming together like a set of butt cheeks! ha! 

Intake issues, I see! lmao   
This is going to be a killer build. I'm looking forward to seeing it finish, although I think if I choose to build one of these myself in 1/144 I'll try a different kit perhaps?
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Re: Area 88 1/144: A Dill Hill to Die On (F-111)
« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2019, 02:47:38 am »
I have to remind myself this is 1/144  ;) Great work  :thumbsup:

You've also reminded me that I need to look for some larger "pin drill" holders at Telford.
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