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Re: Boeing ECH-47 Chinook AEW
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I'm glad you put WAS between Mach 2 and decent  ;)

Seriously is it that bad a kit ?
If you leave out the roof of the cabin then the two fuselage halves fit together at the top but there is a gap underneath.  There's a lot of cleaning up to do,  a spare pair of main and tail rotor blades will improve your build.  The ramp doors are very thick if displayed in the open position,. The landing gear needs reshaping so a spare set of landing gear is needed. The fuselage windows are misty which is a good thing as you can't see a lot through them.  The cockpit canopy fits and is almost clear. The seats are a bit chunky but the cockpit instruments have some detail on them.
Parts from the EH-101 Merlin do fit as well as the MH-53.
There will be a lot of swearing during the build  :banghead: