Author Topic: The Export Hatfield 'Mighty Hunter '  (Read 482 times)

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The Export Hatfield 'Mighty Hunter '
« on: February 08, 2019, 03:14:15 am »
In the book 'Nimrod's Genesis,  RAF Maritime Patrol Projects and Weapons Since 1945' by Chris  Gibson there's a proposal for a six engined Nimrod drawn up for the Royal Canadian Air Force.
A later version with underwing refuelling pods and a strengthened airframe was called the Export Nimrod.
 Having built a few Airfix 1/72 scales HS/BAe Nimrod kits in the past  there's not much in the way of ground clearance for the proposed podded engine concept and lengthening the undercarriage  might be a bit tricky.
 I have two model kits of the Airfix BAe Nimrod in the stash. (One and a bit!)
My idea is to extend the wings by adding an extra engine making this a six-engined beastie. Strengthening spars will be added to stop the wings from sagging and a raid in the spares box should reveal the Matchbox/Revell HP Victor refuelling pods.
I might even have a set of Canadian decals.