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Kawasaki Ki-61 IV Hien

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--- Quote from: NARSES2 on June 18, 2018, 02:39:57 am ---I've a couple of those transfer sheets and some Italian ones and I must admit I take advantage of them not being printed as individual "squiggles".

--- End quote ---

These are the Print Scale ones so I assumed they were a single sheet. So I mocked up a template of a wing, carefully cut it out from the decal sheet and placed it in water. Turned my back and when I looked again a dish full of individual squiggles. (Please place appropriate swear word here _________ ). If you look carefully on one wing I've got a nice straight line using masking tape and a sharp knife. On the other I couldn't be bothered !

Fuselage was easier to do (larger blobs rather than squiggles - easier option) Some have overlapped but you can't tell. Tried t get a wavy line ... it sort of worked.

Ah right, thank you. The Japanese ones I got recently are print scale so I'm warned  :thumbsup:

My Italian ones are Mike Grant and I think my old Japanese ones might be Pegasus ? They are in an envelope with some German WWI lozenge and wood grain anyway.


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