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A.W. Argosy Avon amphibious AEW
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 A single Armstrong Whitworth Argosy C.1 was selected to undergo trials with an air cushion landing system. The Americans and the Russians had tested this method but it would be SJMcColm Engineering that would take the next step and prefect the idea.
 The Argosy was deemed to big to be fitted with the FASS radomes but a combination of using the the radar from the Grumman E-2A and it's equipment.
The Rolls-Royce Dart engines were replaced with six Avon turbojets as the boffins at the time were concerned that the propellers would interfere with the onboard avionics.
The threat at the time was that the Russians would wipe out all the runways should there be a conventional war and a alternative landing system would be used. This lead to the air cushion landing system.
 The Royal Navy saw the potential of this and requested that the Argosy be used as a 'Fleet AEW' . As it  was too big for any of the British aircraft carriers,  it could land close to a replenishment ship when the sea state was calm enough or use a grass landing strip in times of hostilities.

The plan
I have a 'spares and repair ' built  1/72 Mach2 A.W. Argosy C.1 in the stash. Instead of using the Avon turbojets,  it has the engines taken from a Hasegawa B-47E. The turbojets replace the Dart engines supplied in the kit. It came with no landing gear and had the glazed cockpit canopy already fitted. I added at some stage a cut down nose radome from a Lockheed Martin P-3 Orion. The previous owner has sprayed the underside mat black,  maybe they wanted to build a Gunship or change the colour scheme. This works for me.
I do have a 1/72 Grumman E-2 Hawkeye kit in the stash and a 1/144 hovercraft kit which will be used to make the air cushion.