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As the title says, this is for your general chit chat

The USN used OV-10 Broncos in Vietnam for interdiction in the Mekong Delta, and the original spec included operation from floats, so there's a potential project for someone:

Old Wombat:
From the Rules discussion thread;

--- Quote from: Old Wombat on May 11, 2016, 05:03:58 am ---This really belongs in a General Discussion thread for the GB but, as we don't have one, yet .....

My other build, which I'm going to try to build in parallel with the F6F is going to be an aircraft of the NARDU.

--- Quote ---The Royal Australian Navy's Naval Aircraft Research and Development Unit (NARDU) plans, conducts and analyses the results of ground and flight tests of existing and new Navy and Marines aircraft. NARDU consists of two flights, Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing, staffed by qualified test pilots, flight test engineers and flight test system specialists. The squadrons are run by the RAN FAA but Royal Australian Marines personnel also work within the unit.
--- End quote ---
Apologies to Wikipedia, from whom I stole & altered the above quote.

--- End quote ---

Captain Canada:
I like it. Cat launched, centerline float ?


I'm thinking about combining a 1/25 1959 Ford Skyliner with some plumbing fittings and parts of an electric toothbrush.


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