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Right here are the proposed rules for the In the Navy GB. These are purely here for discussion at the moment and I will publish the finalised ones in due course.

Other than the specifics they are the same as last year so shouldn't cause a problem ? Famous last words  

1.  Group Build runs from 00.01 Wednesday 1st June 2016 to 24:00 Wednesday 31st August (all times GMT).  If people would rather run Friday to a Sunday then let me know.

2)  Now I understand In the Navy to mean any naval subject, so ships, boats, submarines, naval aircraft and Marine forces where they are part of a Navy. Does not need to be at sea, you could have riverine and lake based as well. Plus having just re-read E.E. Doc Smiths Skylark series Im reminded there are numerous watery planets in Sci Fi. Note that naval vehicles can be included in the scope of this build, so if you wish to play with an Amtrack, play with it.

Now I understand this could be a little contentious, however I do think its unfair to tighten the rules of a G.B. after the vote has been held. This is why Im also very firm in my view that the other poll winners cannot have their definitions changed now. If we want tight GBs then the poll needs to be clear. I for one like them loose, but not ridiculously so, so as to encourage maximum participation.

3)  You may build, draw or write as many entries as you like (good luck!).  The posting of in-progress pictures is encouraged as always.  Back stories - however long or short - win extra points.  Well OK they don't but they're always nice to see.

4)  "Preparation" work is allowed prior to the start of the GB - this includes the cutting out and cleaning up of parts, even printing your own decals (!), but anything involving paint or glue is not allowed.  

5)  Part-started models will be considered by the moderators. You should explain what you have done or post pics (even better) and they will decide, their decision being final - we are relying on the honour of our membership to uphold this rule.

6)  No rule 6 - is there ever a rule 6 ?
7)  The GB is to be conducted in the true Olympian spirit - it's not the winning but the taking part.  Coming top of the pile (or is that stash?) does add to the enjoyment though and the winner will receive a hand-crafted illuminated scroll prepared by the monks of Lindisfarne .  In the event of a tie there will not be a 'whif-off', the honours will be shared.

8) I will be in touch with prospective moderators over the weekend.


With regard to your E.E. Doc Smith reference to Water worlds would "Space Navy" be applicable as "Navy" or is the term "Navy" for this Group Build only "Wet" navy?

Probably not taking part though I can think of one build for this but I can see that someone will have to ask the above question.


In my view the subject needs to "wet navy".

Old Wombat:

--- Quote from: NARSES2 on May 05, 2016, 07:58:10 am ---In my view the subject needs to "wet navy".

--- End quote ---

Fine by me! :thumbsup:

I'm pleased to se the return of a 'proper' Rule 6.  ;D :lol:


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