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H-5 (Il-28), red : primary seaplanes

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So, the thing is, I like seaplanes : floatplanes, single-float and double-float or even more, and flying boats as well (single-hull, double-hull or more).
Actually I like them so much that I sometimes floatplanize, or even flying boatize aircraft that were never meant for that, but to me it looks like an improvement (like, to some others, fitting longer wings, it seems).

And I like to paint in primary colors : plain yellow or red or blue, sometimes two of them, or the three.

In the past I have already posted quite a few of them, titled by the aircraft type or name, but the effect of series gets lost in separate posts.

Therefore I thought I might as well start a thread on this.

To begin, here comes a Vought Kingfisher, at the funny scale of 1/200 : it came with its own catapult, which is very nice.

And to give it a bit of context, I looked for a support for the catapult : a boat not too large, just enough to carry it, in a spirit remembering the Aurora boat in the Tintin adventure where he flies a yellow (!) Ar196.
At the scale of 1/200, I found out about the ETV Waker (that had a life as a Greenpeace vessel too apparently), already gifted with a helicopter deck, and featuring a nice rear deck, with good room for the catapult :

Nice work. Good thinking to find the boat.

Captain Canada:
Oh I love it ! Who makes the boat ? Thäs somat I'd defo like to build. Maybe even steal your idea  :thumbsup:

Revell. It's a Dutch Coast Guard ship.


--- Quote from: Captain Canada on April 24, 2015, 04:39:15 am ---Oh I love it ! Who makes the boat ? Thäs somat I'd defo like to build. Maybe even steal your idea  :thumbsup:

--- End quote ---

yes indeed it is Revell : there is apparently a variant of the kit which is a SMIT harbour tug, by revell and heller

at the same scale I also did something with a Marwede rescue boat (pictures soon ...)

and please do steal !  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
it is not stealing actually anyway, I like my ideas to inspire other, especially because they will do it differently,
and possibly with better skills  ;D


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