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BAS Weldon Snow Cat

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Okay, I'm in, the intention being to turn these:

into something like this:

from here:

It will then go no a diorama base with my BAS Skyvan, but that might be done in the week!

Note that I'm not attempting to model the Nodwell precisely, just produce something reminiscent of it. The black tracks in the pic are from an old MatchboX Panther, and I hope to use them because they're a bit wider than the T-34 ones. I didn't want to use Panther running gear though, because the simpler T-34 gear is more in-keeping.

Be interesting what you use the surplus truck wheels on  ;)

The Snow Cat should look the part with that cab on a short chassis and catapillar tracks  :thumbsup:

ooohhhh.  Like all things SnowCat.   :thumbsup:


Don't snow vehicles usually have really wide tracks?


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into something like this:

from here:

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There's a shop yard I pass quite frequently where about 20 are those are stored. They take the tracks off them when they're stored too --- They can be used to cross muskeg too


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