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New year, new blog.
All I was previously posting in the Aircraft of the PDRV thread in the Current and finished projects - aircraft area (,37999.210.html ) i will instead be posting here.

And I am quite happy for comments to be posted and the thread to be taken off to wherever it wants to go. Hijackers welcome.  This is a conversation not a lecture and I am not a control freak with a stick up my donkey.

I really must finish off some cars so I have been working on a melding of '60 Ford and '58 Edsel.
It's pretty much there but then I dropped the rear bumper and can I find it?
I have an Edsel one which will fit with a bit of work but it's delayed everything while I strip the chrome, sand off the over-riders and bolt heads and then PSR it.

The desert Fulmar is nearly done.  It's getting weathered.  I find it hard to do subtle and it's ending up looking skanky.  I've got some 60lb rockets to hang off it but i'm stuck for a colour to paint the tubes. Charcoal grey is winning ATM.

I'm also weathering the Henfield.  First stage is small squares of toilet paper glued down with thinned paint.  Sounds odd but it gives the look of patches having been applied to the fabric covering.  Something the Sky Pirates would have to do to keep her flying.

The XFV-1 is awaiting sanding where I had to shim the fuselage to get the cockpit to fit.

I've started a 1/72 Hasegawa He-51 which will be finished in Luftwaffe desert paint with a twist.

Land-Wasser-Flakpanzer is awaiting a few small details and side armour mounts and then it's paint time.

Armoured D9 dozer has reached the point where it's time to make the RW or Whiff decision.  Bit of a no-brainer really.  I'll therefore be looking at how easy it will be to modify it to have non-armoured glass and opening windows and then break out the AARV crane and winch to stick on the back.

I've also been building a powered beaching trolley for the Gully Godwit from bits & pieces, have made progress with a BMW Dixi dragster and a Kustom '53 F100 and have started a Nissan GT-R R35 which will be OOB but will feature a Jim Richards "Pack of Ar5eholes" paint job.

Not got too much on then Fred?  ;D :lol:

Nah, a light funload*.  Plenty more cars and Gundams started too.  Those are just the ones I can reach out and touch without getting boxes out of cupboards.

*I originally put workload, but it's not work it's my hobby and they're supposed to be fun aren't they?

So, the knives are out and whiffing has commenced on the Meng 1/35 D9 Armoured Dozer.  So far i've been removing frames from the armoured windows and will be replacing the thick armoured glass with thin normal glass with sliding sections on all windows other than the windscreen.
The cab walls on the chassis have been modified.  The one on the sprue has not.  Operator visibility will be improved and it will weigh less (although when taken as part of the whole I suspect that weight loss would be trivial).  The gunners seat has been lowered to get her/him out of the operators eyeline and as this will be a demilitarised machine s/he'll be a crane operator rather than a gunner.  Cab will need to be dressed with appropriate scale clutter such as fag packets, iced coffee bottles, tools and stick mags.

Desert Fulmar will be finished tomorrow.  Words have been coming out of my fingers.

Possible future camo pattern - PDRV Gumbark?


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